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re: filanon, shivers, etc.

i don't think the filanon re-appear in robin's other books but then i'm always discovering new references to Damar when i reread them - she may even have slipped in a reference to their arrow-shooting abilities in _the outlaws of sherwood_ since she does occasionally refer to Damar in her retellings of traditional tales. speaking of robin hood, i think Cecily's and Little John's romantic interludes gave me more shivers than any of robin's characters, although overall i feel closer to Aerin and Luthe and of course the most shivers come with thoughts of the latter - i hope robin keeps sneaking him into her stories because it definitely, as someone before me said, "enhances" the feeling!

From: cameron lynn
Friday, January 24, 1997 at 11:53:57 (EST)