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re:beauty's love of the classics

i know beauty and the beast is supposed to be based, consciously or not, on cupid and psyche, in an inverted sort of way, but what bothers me about that analogy is that the tension between cupid and psche results from Not being able to see, while with beauty and the beast the friction comes From seeing - maybe robin felt some of the same inconsistancy between the two stories and thought mentioning cupid and pyche would only complicate things...either way, i'm sure robin was very aware of cupid and psyche and left it out for some conscious reason, at least i assume she would be especially consious of the greek myth since she's a fan of c.s. lewis and he wrote a book called _until we have faces_(which i highly reccomend) about cupid and psyche(and psyche's ugly sister).

From: cameron lynn
none til fall
Saturday, August 02, 1997 at 11:52:57 (EDT)