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re: more details

i don't know about tommy and leo, and i don't know where robin got the idea for luthe's hall, but it is similar in description(with all the rows of beds, etc.) to halls i've heard described in tales of king arthur(in chretien de troyes, i think), so maybe it was common for medieval or pre-medieval halls to be built that way and robin was just drawing on some earthly architecture to supplement damar; i haven't heard of a silver lake of dreams before, of course. also, again in response to the bloodstone discussion, besides the fact that harry sees aerin wearing the bloodstone, aerin and luthe must be reunited simply because in one of robin's "interviews" she said that when she came to the end of _hero_ she just kept writing, and that's how she knew there was going to be another story about aerin - and who could imagine a story about aerin without luthe in it, too? (and maybe tommy and leo will show up in the next one?) - i wish she'd hurry it along, however - it has been over 10 years since _hero_ and she did say that if she ever sensed herself getting to the end of her stories about damar that she'd simply stop writing them, that way that world in her mind wouldn't be closed to her the way it is when finishing a book, though of course then it would be closed to us:(

From: cameron lynn
Monday, March 03, 1997 at 11:47:01 (EST)