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robin's personal favorite?

does anyone(maren?) know which of robin's books that she's written so far is her own personal favorite(i.e. has she ever said in an interview)? i know some authors say choosing between their books would be like choosing between their children but i get the feeling that if robin had a favorite it would be _hero_ - it seems to be the story that's been with her the longest(at least that's the impression i get from her interviews) - and luthe, the character who's been in more of her stories than any other, as far as i know,(maybe she was obsessed with luthe too[as badly as some of us are] before peter came along) - and here luthe has his biggest role yet!(but maybe that's just my own prejudice...)p.s. - sorry this sentence has been so gramatically incoherent.

From: cameron lynn
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Monday, May 05, 1997 at 11:34:00 (EDT)