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Luthe, Tor, Corlath, and Ossin

I think that among the male characters, Corlath and Luthe run neck and neck for my favorites. Ossin and Tor were weak, and I felt were mere boys with puppy love *I guess a pun for Ossin*...especially after the depth of understanding and wisdom their respective females attained. Lissar survived a rape from her father, miscarriage, and a sick winter in the mountains while Ossin raised dogs !?! And Aerin killed dragons, avenged her mother, and reclaimed the Crown from her uncle, while Tor learned the kingship and fought a losing battle!?! Maybe I have too much respect for the Ms. McKinley's heroines to let them go to anyone less than a strongly kelared king or master mage. After all, Corlath was already uniting what was left of the Hill people before Harry showed up, and Luthe was the only one who could save Aerin while Maur was making her ill. And while I'm on the subject of men, why didn't they ever listen to the women? Aerin told Tor to take down Maur's head, and Harry told Corlath to watch for Thurra at the Gap! This is just a load of my opinion, I just wanted to know if there was anyone who shared it.

From: Julie
Wednesday, August 13, 1997 at 10:38:21 (EDT)