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Trouble with reading messages/Paul Hogan???

Hey, is anyone else having trouble reading messages? They are really slow opening today and one had trouble loading at all. That said, I still like Sean connery, but maybe as the voice of the beast would be better. (James Earl Jones... fabulous voice, but too old looking and too fat.)Has anyone seen the movie Connery and Richard Gere were in, First Knight? WOW! I loved it. I suppose you guys are right to say we need unknowns... IF they are good enough to attract watchers. Meanwhile, how about Paul Hogan as Luthe? He's gorgeous and has a great accent, although Australian isn't the accent that Luthe brings to mind to me... more German or Slavic, I think, like Swartzenager or someone. (No, no, not Arnold as Luthe... what an idea!) Anyone up on soaps that could suggest a youngish, blond hunk off one for the part? Yeah, I'd hate to really SEE a Robin movie, since I'd never agree with all of the casting, special effects, etc., but it is fun to imagine casting one!

From: Betty
Saturday, November 22, 1997 at 09:50:19 (EST)