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Rose Daughter

I agree with Damien that Robin McKinley did 'beauty' better the first time around. I find it interesting though that she says in the afterward that Beauty was the book she wrote when she was trying to write another one. I agree that Jack was a little bit cardboard - there wasn't any explanation for why he was such an unpleasant character unless remnants of the evil sorcerer's magic had somehow tainted him? BTW, apologies for the awful formatting of 'Barbara Allen', I keep forgetting that the layout gets changed when messages get posted - not to mention the weird underlining that happens under everything. Despite what I thought were the drawbacks, I still thought it was a good book. I enjoyed reading even if I was quite puzzled in places. Clara

From: Clara Duong
Thursday, October 16, 1997 at 06:42:42 (EDT)