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Reccomendations--More Tam Lin

Pamela Dean's _Tam Lin_ Set on a college campus. Lots of literary discussions, beautiful descriptions, fascinating character development. Jane Yolen's _Tam Lin_ Well-told, compact. Some of the best illustrations I've seen in a book (It's a children's book). There's a retelling in_Imaginary Lands_, edited by our own Robin McKinley. Only passable, in my opinion; features a rebellious girl looking for something different (that's in keeping with the ballad), and the rather over-used Disapproving Priest who exists only to hassle the heroine and to be proved Dead Wrong in the end. Dahlov Ipcar wrote _Queen of Spells_. Good. A fairly straightfoward retelling, though the transformation scene takes place in a circus carnival of all places (it does fit the story). Elizabeth Marie Pope's _The Perilous Gard_. Fun book, great relaxing reading after exams & quite well told. Only marginally Tam Lin--uses some of the motifs, but the hero & heroine are not Janet & Tam Lin nor are they intended to be. It's about true love, trusting yourself, discovering your own inner worth, and probably a few other things that I've missed. Cathrine Storr _Thursday_. Is it or isn't it fantasy? That depends on whether or not Thursday is enchanted. The character development is solid, and the heroine has one of the most functional, likeable families I've seen in literature in quite a while (well, the Janet in Dean's _Tam Lin_ has a good family too, but they don't play as significant a role). _Tam Lin by_ Susan Cooper. Lacks something. It's an accurate enough retelling, but without Cooper's distinctive touch. The illustration is a sort of watery grey watercolor; not a style I particularly like, though I've heard the art in this book praised (others who are more knowledgeable may contradict me). Oh--it's a children's book too, like Yolen's. _Winter Rose_ by Patricia McKillip. I'm still thinking about this one. I've only vague ideas on the symbolism & themes; mostly followed the main plot. I'll have to reread it. It has McKillip's spare, elegant prose & is worth reading for that alone (and has other values, but as I said, I need to think more about it). Any way, that's probably more than you wanted to know about Tam Lin--but I do reccomend the books. Jessica

From: Jessica
Wednesday, November 26, 1997 at 03:27:18 (EST)