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re. "reality"

I, too, was a bit disillusioned with this story, but as I thought about the way Robin always makes a point of having strong female characters, I became resigned to Annabelle's forgoing of the use of magic to make her life extraordinary. Thus resigned, I again became a bit discontented when I reread it and rediscovered Annabelle's reason for getting rid of the things in the box (at least, her spoken reason). She said that she was an "ordinary girl" and wished to remain ordinary. How frustrating! I had had higher hopes of what Annabelle might do if she let herself dream. Let us hope that, with the friendship of Nell (of lavender unicorn fame) she will have the good sense to avoid Frank and to refuse to settle for an ordinary life. The one thing I really loved about the story, though, was Robin's usage of her husband's name among the listing of Annabelle's favourite childhood authors.

From: Christine J. Smith
Wednesday, January 22, 1997 at 03:03:03 (EST)