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time periods

Elizabeth's message about Harry's grandmother brought up something that has bothered me off and on for a while--I also got a very 19th century, British Imperialist feel from Blue Sword, and Aerin's time is definitely medieval. Assuming that Deerskin is set in Damar, when is its time period? Basically, what I'm wondering is whether Deerskin's time period has a parallel to real history like the other two books, and then I wonder where in Damarian history it takes place? Since Ossin mentions Aerin as a "highly desirable princess," I think it's safe to assume it's after Aerin--and I guess it's probably after Harry because there are so many kingdoms (this I'm not so sure on)? One way or another, I wonder which set of rulers is descended from Aerin and Tor (of course I think Ossin's family, but I'm prejudiced--I like Ossin almost as much as I like Luthe). I realize this is kind of picky, but I'm interested to hear what anyone else thinks about it all. (PS--I also posted this in the Deerskin section if anyone would rather reply there)

From: Laura Price
Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 01:56:35 (EDT)