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Harry's grandma and Vonda (long)

(hi, Maren, I was wondering where you'd gotten to! :) ) I have to admit, I'm fuzzy on the time constraints keeping Aerin from being Harry's grandmother, though I agree with Maren that it's certainly possible since Aerin's not quite mortal anymore. But, as someone pointed out before me, doesn't that mean that Harry and Corlath would be related somehow? That aside, I just like the idea of Aerin "adopting" Harry as a kindred spirit as opposed to being her relative. As for Vonda--she writes "Star Trek" books, too, most of which are pretty good (some Star Trek books are really really bad), and so I read Dreamsnake, which I liked--but Arevin's people reminded me of Vulcans (which may be another reason I liked the book, who knows?).

From: Laura Price
Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 01:36:25 (EDT)