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Your Ages; finding "Door"

I first found Robin at age 14, when I came across a copy of "Beauty" in our school library (in the 800s section, curiously enough). Having been obsessed with the Disney "BaTB" when it first came out, I was similarly entranced by Robin's "Beauty." But for some reason, I didn't bother to look up any of her other books, or even wonder if she wrote any other books. And then this last summer, while cruising the children's/YA shelves in our local library, I found "The Hero and the Crown." Since then I've read everything by her or on her that I can find, including book reviews and critical essays. I'm now 18, and I think this obsession is going to last me a good long time. (After I first found this page, I had to hunt down copies of "Blue Sword" and "Hero" to read them all over again. :) Fortunately, I've since acquired a "Hero" of my own.) Finding "The Door in the Hedge" *is* a problem, however -- it was the one Robin book I couldn't find anywhere. I think it can be ordered through (with all of Robin's other books -- you can also preorder "Rose Cottage" for when it comes out in September). Good luck.

From: Cheryl Klein
Tuesday, May 20, 1997 at 01:29:00 (EDT)