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Husband's age; Hodgell; Aerin and Harry

Peter's 69, Robin's 44? Well, there's another similarity between Luthe and her husband. Luthe remembers Maur, who has been sleeping for 100 generations. Luthe is at least 2000 years old -- 100 times Aerin's age. _That's_ cradle robbing for you. (Not that I care about such things, and Luthe seems to belong to the species _Mens sapiens_, a mind with little obvious influence from gender, age, or possibly even species, unless you're actually sleeping with him.) P.C. Hodgell is indeed quite spiffy; I know of eight people who've read at least _God Stalk_, and all have liked her. Aerin reminds me a lot of Jame, actually. Awkward, romantically oblivious, powerful, a bit too impetuous at times, a systematic experimenter at one time, possessed of a powerful and evil uncle, a significant male named Tor-something who gets to run the country while the heroine gets to be menacing; a bit dangerous to be around. (I'm thinking of Aerin's army of animals.) Only I've done things backwards; Aerin reminds me of Jame in basic personality; what's then odd is all the other similarities just listed. Particularly Tor and Torisen. Jame's world is more power saturated. She does not have a Luthe, although I suppose one could try combining Marcarn and Kindrie (white-haired healer) and squinting. I've seen more than once in previous messages the claim that Aerin couldn't be Harry's great-grandmother, because of time problems. Why not?

From: Damien R. Sullivan
Saturday, May 17, 1997 at 00:56:44 (EDT)