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re: Harry's grandma

After reading the last post mentioning this, I realized that I hadn't been paying attention at all. Every one seems to have forgotten that there really is no time problem because Aerin is no longer quite mortal. She could very possibly have been alive at the time of the Blue Sword. Remember how Luthe said that his friends were very shy? Of course, he was talking to Aerin herself at the time, but it has to prove something, anyway. And as for leaving her country, there could have been a reason for it. She could have been suddenly possessed to go off on a long journey, like Luthe was when Gonturan called him. Except now I'm thinking maybe that Harry's grandmother was supposed to have married a Homelander/Outlander. Is that right? Hmmm. I'll check that, too.

From: Maren Williams
Sunday, May 18, 1997 at 00:52:48 (EDT)