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re: peter's past

ah. he lived in Zambia until he was 7, when he moved to England. i have read two contrasting stories (in the backs of his own books) about his parents: one said his mother was the daughter of a Zambian sheep farmer, and the other one said Peter was full-blooded English. anyway, his mother was a tomb restorer (!) and i don't remember if i ever read what his father did. he attended Eton college in England and was drafted into the military for two years. he married Mary Rose Barnard (an artist whom i have never found any information on, unfortunately) sometime in the fifties, i think, and got a job with the literary magazine Punch in 1952 (the year Robin was born). he started out writing poetry and ended up as an editor by the time he started writing books full time in 1968. he has four adult children (John, James, Philippa and Polly) and has been living in an old house called Bramdean Lodge in or near the town of Bramdean since at least the early seventies, probably earlier. Mary died in 1989. his interests include gardening and, apparently, whippets. whew.

From: Maren Williams
Friday, July 18, 1997 at 00:50:44 (EDT)