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Rose Daughter, Part II; B& vs.; the Jungle Book

Okay, I got ahold of, finally, and they also list the new book as "Rose Daughter." That site also says its publishing date is August 1997, but you can get it in one to two weeks (!). Has anyone tried B& before? This is the first time I've ever been there. I must say I was not particularly impressed -- their services seemed to be a lot more limited than's (for instance, they didn't provide synopses/reviews for each book). But if they can get me the new book earlier, I'll forgive them anything! :) (BTW, the price is the same at both Amazon and B&N -- $11.20, hardcover, 30% off list price of $16; and the suggested age group is children ages 9-12. Not that we'll pay any attention to that. :) ).

In other news, B& listed a work of Robin's I don't think I've seen before -- Tales from the Jungle Book, by Rudyard Kipling. The citation listed Robin as illustrator, along with some guy named Joseph. Does she illustrate, as well? Given her reverence for "TMWWBK," I can't imagine her rewriting Kipling.

Oh yes, one thing more. Remember Robin said in her letter to Amanda that she was attending a conference in Calgary? Betcha this is the conference, and her biography from it is at this site: . It links to Peter's biography too -- apparently he was there as well. Cheers, all!

From: Cheryl Klein
Thursday, June 05, 1997 at 00:48:19 (EDT)