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is Harry's real name "Angharad"?(i'll go back and read _sword_ as soon as i have time!) anyway, in a collection of welsh folk tales called _the mabinogion_ the story of Peredur(Perceval) has "Angharad Golden Hand" as Perceval's paramour. not that Perceval and Corlath have a lot in common, but there is one fight scene where Angharad falls in love with Perceval, only he's fighting in disguise so she doesn't know who he is til afterwards - this reminded me of Harry's confrontation with Corlath(in disguise) only of course then Harry was fighting him herself, not just spectating. i don't know if Robin's even read _the mabinogion_ or "peredur," but the connections with _sword_ were interesting...

From: cameron lynn
Sunday, March 23, 1997 at 00:38:23 (EST)