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Re: Beauty's Love of the Classics

There's a great page out there (I believe it might have been mentioned somewhere around here) called the Annotated Tam Lin, which provides references for the many, many literary quotes liberally sprinkled throughout that book. Has anyone ever done something similar for "Beauty"? I caught most of the references, or I looked them up, but I still have no idea what Yggdrasil is. Could someone let me know, on-list or privately?

In a similar vein, I've always thought Robin made the Beast's library "enchanted" so she could work in references to her favorite books. While I appreciate it, it's kind of disquieting; it takes the story out of the no-time/every-time period of fairy-tales and sets it in a definite limit. While I suppose the references to Greek and Roman writers did the same, it still vaguely bothers me -- it's like President Clinton's being in the movie "Contact": the trick works, but it unnecessarily distracts.

From: Cheryl K
Monday, August 04, 1997 at 00:29:58 (EDT)