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Ærin's Temporal Travels

Wow, Elizabeth! I *love* your theory about Ærin and Harry defeating Agsded/Thurra simultaneously! Everything you cited supports it, and (to my great delight) it means Ærin is alive and well (in a sense) during Harry's visit to Luthe's mountain. But the logistics confuse me. Would this imply that the Luthe Harry met was in a sense not the same Luthe that dragged Ærin back through time by the heels? Before you send me off to HappyDale Home for the Sanity Challenged, let me try to explain. Luthe dragged Ærin back through the ages after her encounter with Agsded, so concievably she could still be climbing or falling when Harry talks to Luthe. But, once he does haul Ærin back to her own Damar, she's in time to save her people. Luthe & Ærin's Tearful Parting takes place *after* she faces down Agsded, but far *before* Harry's time. How can Luthe tell Ærin his "till the stars crumble..." lines after hauling her back, and decades later have NOT dragged her back yet? Anyone else sense a paradox here? Apologies for so long a letter, fare thee well.

From: Alisma
Monday, September 08, 1997 at 00:19:12 (EDT)