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Luthe, Tor, Corlath, and Ossin -- to Julie

I agree with Damien. I would say it takes more love and strength for the men to let the women go off and fight than it does to go in there and fight their battles (physical or emotional) for them. Tor, Ossin and Luthe all support their heroine's personal development; Corlath, if I remember right, ignores Harry's advice. -- Also, you say you don't want the heroines going to anyone less than "a strongly kelared king or master mage." All of Robin's books are filled with transformations of lowly and powerless characters into strong and able people--in other words, that status (or in _Beauty's_ case, appearance) has nothing to do with one's true nature. Your criteria for a husband pretty much destroys that whole theme. -- Lastly, it's hard to argue Ossin in the same context as the other three; Deerskin is a "fairy-tale" rather than a "history" book (see the "Time Periods" topic in the Deerskin discussion). The rules are different for him.

From: Cheryl K
Thursday, August 14, 1997 at 00:02:31 (EDT)