The Twelve Kingdoms
Sea of the Wind, Shore of the Maze
by Ono Fuyumi
translated by Cheng Jianrong and Mina
and then translated again by Retrooo
last modified, 09.22.2004


   Kirin are divine beasts that choose and then serve under their ruler. The golden fruit from which kirin are born grow upon a tree on Mt. Hou, and thus, they have no parents. Instead, in the ten months before the fruit hatches, a nyokai protects it, never leaving its side. However, a shoku has occurred, pounding the earth and wrenching the air, and one such golden fruit was swept away.
   Ten years have passed and the fruit has been discovered. He was born in Hourai and has grown up as a "person." Taiki is brought back to choose the ruler of Tai Kingdom, but he still doesn't know how to change into a kirin--this young boy's troubles have just begun!

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