Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= gÏ Koukashou =


Taiki tentatively stepped through the gate. Looking around but finding nobody in sight, Taiki could not but cross the front yard, and went to the next building for a look.


Climbing up the foundation, Taiki peered into the inside of the building and the middle garden deep inside, and quietly spoke. gSorry for intruding.h


Taiki turned around.
gBut there are nobody around. We can do nothing but try calling for attention, right?h
gSorry, anybody home? Sorry for intruding.h

Seirai and others stared with widened eyes at the unexpectedly bold kirin. But that is not anything strange; Taiki was just using his habits when he visited peoplefs homes in his homeland.

gThere seems to be nobody around. What shall we do?h
gEven if you ask me...h
gShall me be rude and walk all the way to the garden?h
gThat is a little too...h
gBut we cannot just leave like this, can we?h
gNo, I guess, but...h
gIt would be okay as long as we donft enter the rooms, I guess. Ifll go then."

But thatfs..., Seirai muttered, and suddenly tightened his fist into a ball.
gI will accompany you. --Sougen and others, please wait here.h

gAbove all, Taiki is the kirin of a kingdom, so they cannot put harsh punishment on him I believe. I am prepared.h

Me too, Tansui said, but Seirai stopped him.
gThe gates are open like this, so there shouldnft be any danger. Also, Taiho has his Shirei (g). So I am going with Taiho.h


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