Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= og Syusshi =


The distance is just too long for frequent contacts.

Even using fast-running kijyuus, it took one night and day to just get out of Tai (). Then, one night and day was required to cross the sea. After that, starting from a harbor city in the Kingdom of Ryuu (), they traveled along the coastline of the Empty Sea (C, Kyokai) and reached the Kingdom of Kyou (). After travelling south along the coastline of the Kingdom of Han (), they again crossed the sea, and finally saw Ren ()fs coastline. The whole journey took them half a month by air.

g... I know full well now.h
Taiki murmured as they landed at Jyuurei (d, lit, layers of mountains), the capital of Ren. Seirai tilted his head.
gWe canft possibly make friends! This is so far away, if we come here to play and then return, we will not have any time to do anything else!h

You got it, Seirai said with a laugh.
gIt is really a long journey, isnft it? Are you tired?h

Taiki and others got off from their kijyuus at a vacant plot within the bounds of Jyuurei.
The city of Jyuurei before them was decorated with gorgeous decorations in preparation for the coming new year.

gNot at all. We had only flown for half a day today.h
gOh really,h Seirai gave a sigh as if he was disheartened. gThanks to such great perseverance of Taiho, this old man feels very bored.h

Taiki lifted his head and gave a blank stare to Seirai.
gSeirai, you are bored?h

gOf course! It is my job to grab a naughty kid by the neck and keep nagging him. To this old man, there would be no fun in life unless he sometimes plays a big trick, and hit that revered ass hard.h
Seirai mischievously made a grimace, and Taiki chuckled.
gI will try.h
gThat I will be most grateful.h

As Seirai laughed, the huge Gate of Gomon (ߖ) by their side opened, and two lower officers who were earlier sent to station immediately at Jyuurei got out. Another two officers had gone first to the hotel, and arrange the ambassador partyfs stay for the day.

gAh, here they come to receive us. --I sure hope that todayfs hotel would be comfortable.h


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