Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= z Hakuyou =


gI am going to see the sea of clouds under such rare weather. Maybe I can see the scenery below... Can I pat Hien ()?h

gSure, as you please.h
Risai answered in a friendly tone.
gHowever, Taiho... I am aware that you can see nothing in such weather even if you go to the sea of clouds.h

Taiki cocked his head as he stroked Hienfs fur.
gArenft there no clouds?h
gYes. Therefore, the ground reflected all the light, and you cannot see anything.h

Surprised by Risaifs words, Taiki looked up to Seirai. He was looking somewhere nonexistent and stifling his mischievous laughs. Suddenly, Gantyou laughed, shaking his enormous body. The bighearted laughs suited his rock-like big body well.
gGot tricked by Seirai, right?h

Hien howled as if to comfort Taiki. Taiki stroked Hienfs neck as he drew a deep sigh.
gSeirai is so cruel. One time, I asked what a vice lord is, and he said it is something like a baby-sitter. I told Gyousou (邏@), and got laughed at.h

gWell, Seirai must have been scolded by your majesty afterwards, so that would be a tie wouldnft it?h

Asen said and laughed, and Taiki burst into laughter as well. Seirai also chuckled. Asen was originally an Imperial Army General, and the new emperor Gyousou was originally also an Imperial Army General, the two were in very friendly terms as colleagues. Risai also had befriended with Gyousou, and Gantyou and Seirai were originally Gyousoufs subordinates. An amicable atmosphere unique among close friends enveloped the people.

Seirai urged Taiki as he continued laughing.
gI will take my leave before I get scolded by your majesty again. It is a pity that we cannot see the scenery of the lower world, but we can see the spectacular rare sight of the sea or clouds gleaming.h

gCan I leave the Forbidden Gate and see the lower world?h

They had come all the way out from the inner palace. If they passed through the building Risai and others had gone out of, they would reach the Forbidden Gate. Seirai raised his eyebrows.

gThe lower world is freezing cold. Taiho is still young, you will instantly get frozen from the inside out.h
gJust for a second.h
Taiki begged, and Gyousou -- the emperor of Tai Kingdom, the master of Taiki -- stepped up.

gIfll take you there.h
Taiki felt delighted but a little guilty. The newly enthroned emperor must be so busy, he should have no free time to spare to play with Taiki.

gBut... what about work?h
gRisai and others would like to return their kijyuus to the stable, wouldnft they. I can spend this free time with you.h

Seeing his master smiling, Taiki broke into a smile as well. Gyousou is the one and only master, so Taiki was unconditionally happy just to be at his side. Taiki turned back to Seirai. gIfll just wait here,h Seirai said as he smiled and watched Taiki fondly.


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