Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


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Oh? Taiki asked, and Seitaku said,
gI mean, there are no such things as being a nuisance by helping out, are there? Then why do you have such an idea?h

gWell, I canft do anything...h
gBut you have been carrying so many branches earlier, havenft you? And you helped out with carrying water and moving straws.h
gI am just moving stuff around.h
gThen you have been helping me out havenft you? But Taiho, I can sense from your words that you believe you are of no use at all.h

Taiki nodded upon Seitakufs warm clear gaze.
g...Glad to hear that Ifm not so... But I really think so...h
gWhy is that?h

gI cannot do anything. Not only in farming, I cannot do even one single thing... Mister Gyousou always comforts me that I am still young. But he must be very disappointed by me.h

gOh really?h
Seitaku asked, and Taiki drooped his head. Seitaku gently patted on Taikifs back.

gWhy not we take a break?h
Seitaku suggested, pointing to a pile of grass.
gNo, please carry on with the work.h
gI am also tired. Why not have some tea as well?h

Laughing, Seitaku shouted to the other side of the field.
gYou who accompanied Taiho, want some tea?h
Tansui, who stationed a little further away, made a gesture of firm declination.

gHe must be also having a hard time, sitting still like that for so long.h
Seitaku said as he served tea from a big clay pot.
gIt is hard to take up the job of a bodyguard (l Daiboku), but the hardest time of all might be when there is no danger at all.h

I guess so, Taiki said with a smile, but the smile quickly withered. Seitaku peered into the tea cup he dished out.
gcRen-ou, you once said that a job is different from a duty, didn't you?h
Yes, Seitaku nodded.


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