Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= og Syusshi =


gThe fields outside have not been harvestedch
gIt seems that in the southern kingdoms, the fields donft need to rest even in winter.h
This time, it was Asen who spoke.
gI heard that they plant crops other than wheat and rice.h

Really, Taiki blinked.
gSo, plants can grow even in winter, right? So, people can go to the fields outside to pick vegetables even in the midst of winter?h
gIt seems so.h

gIt would be great if Tai can be so as well.h
Taiki gave a sigh, and the two generals agreed with deep emotions.
gKids can run around outside, canft they? Maybe they can even leave their poultry outside.h

How do those in warm kingdoms like this live their lives? Taiki stared outside the window to see whether he can get a glimpse of their lives, and Asen spoke.

gThen, how about a little walk outside? If you are not tired at all, let me be your company.h
gCan I? Really?h
Taiki hopped and jumped around, and Asen nodded with a smile.

It was said that at the previous emperorfs reign, Asen and Gyousou, who were both the generals of the Imperial Army, were dubbed the Two Pillars of Tai. Asen was courageous, mastered martial arts, and enjoyed extreme popularity. In most cases, he possessed the same image as Gyousou. However, sometimes Gyousou was more frightening. Gyousou eluded the overwhelming awe of an emperor that could take onefs breath away, but not Asen. Therefore, Taiki never feel timid in front of Asen.

Taiki looked at Sougen with anticipation. Sougen sank into thought whether he should agree or not, but Asen butted in.
gIt is not bad to see around Jyuurei, isnft it? I believe it is for Taihofs good to let him boarden his horizon.h

Sougen nodded in agreement.
gNothing should go wrong if Tansui and we are around.h


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