Kasyo no Yume -- Toei
<The Dreams of Kasyo -- Prosperity in Winter>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


= og Syusshi =


Jyuurei was unbelievably warm. Everyone feels the gradual heat as they moved from Ryuu to Kyou, then to Han. In the winters of Tai, coats that were stuffed with feathers and lined inside with wool were indispensable. However, when the ambassador party entered southern Han, everyone finally took off their coats.

It was so hot that Seirai, who had been wearing his formal clothes ever since he left Kakkei Palace(\{), looked as if he had already got sick and tired of the heat when he entered the hotel.

g... This is so hot.h
Taiki commented to Seirai, who walked out of the bedroom. Seirai sighed embarrassingly.

gI heard that Rei is warm, but I donft expect it to be so warm. This is exactly like spring or fall in Tai.h
gI agree.h

gAnyway, this is Taifs formal clothes at this time of the year, so we can do nothing about it. I will pay a visit to Kokufu({), to exchange greetings and inform them that we have arrived.h

gDonft I need to come as well?h
gThis is just our greeting at arrival. Taiho should now take your time to cool yourself, as you need to put on your formal wear when it is time for you to pay a visit. I will be back at around sunset, I guess.h

gThen, before you return, I guess I will play a lot of pranks.h
Taiki said, and Seirai laughed out loud.
gThat is good. Make Tansui and others mad.h

Seirai replied, and turned his glance to the bodyguard who was standing at a nearby corner as if he were a shadow. Tansui, as usual, didnft talk back to Seiraifs joke, but only remained silent and gave a quick bitter smile.

gKeep this a secret from Tansui, but I have always wanted to see Tansuifs face turn pale, just for once.h

gI will do pranks that makes Tansuifs hair stand!h
gTry your best! Then this old man will just tie you up at a tree in the garden as soon as he come back.h


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