Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter Two~


Kouya turned back and smiled.
gThis is how he transports living creatures.h
Rokuta gave a sigh of relief.
gOh, is it?h

gHowever,h Kouya cocked his head while keeping his smile. gIf Rokuta or the guard do anything, the baby would be swallowed alive.h

gTell your shirei to not move an inch. If Taiho does anything, rokuta will bite off the this baby's head.h

Ekishin moved immediately in front of Rokuta. Rokuta was dumbfound as he hid behind Ekishin.

g--rokuta,h he mumbled.
gI gave the big one a name as well: rokuta. --At that time, I didnft know this name is so revered.h
gIf you pity for this kidfs life, come with me quietly. You feel pity for him, right? Kirins are creatures with deep generosity, thatfs why. So generous that they will fall sick under the smell of blood.h

Kouya looked at Ekishin.
gYou may come with us. Just donft resist. I think Rokuta will order you so as well.h
gYou bastard!h

Ekishin grabbed the handed and pulled out his sword. Yes, kirins are unable to fight by themselves, but they are also not something that can be blackmailed to move around so easily! Even if he needs to shed blood before his honored one, or even if he needs to leave the innocent kid to die, he must defend the one and only one Taiho to the very end.

gEkishin, stop! No!h
Ignoring Rokutafs cries, Ekishin grabbed Rokutafs wrist. Turning back in order to escape with Rokuta, Ekishin suddenly shocked stiff midway. Behind Ekishin a shadow appeared from nowhere. Ekishin was so taken aghast by everything that he didnft notice the shadow sneaking up behind him. If it had been a person, Ekishin would have certainly noticed his footsteps. But that was not a person.

A red body, a pair of green wings, a black mouth.

A faint laugh escaped from Kouyafs mouth.

gYou know, youma can call their own species.h

Before Ekishin can wield his sword around, that youmafs mouth attacked even faster. From the very beginning, the youma had been aiming at Ekishinfs throat.



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