Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter Two~


gStand up. It is kind of strange when I see you do this to me.h
gThank you for your permission.h
He stood up after a bow, and craned his head.
g--Letfs be ourselves, and keep it this way. You are meeting Rokuta your friend right?h
gOkay, letfs keep it this way then.h

Kouya walked side by side with Rokuta. Looking down to Rokuta friendlily, Kouya showed a slightly longing expression.

gI have been looking forward to meeting you for so long, but Kankyuu is a little too far away for me.h
gYou are right... Sorry.h

gWith that beside me, I couldnft come close to cities. But without getting into cities and asking for directions, I donft know where Kankyuu is.h
gThat? ...You mean the big one?h
Yes, Kouya nodded.

gHow is the big one doing?h
gStill hanging there.h
Touya said as he smiled jokingly, as if he is talking about his accomplice.

gI am working as a bodyguard with the big one. Just like the guy over there.h
Kouya pointed to Ekishin, who stood behind Rokuta as if he was trying to hide his presence.

gSorry. They never leave my side.h
gI understand. You are such an important person.h
gOh drop it.h
Kouya chuckled and bended forward, peering at Rokutafs face.

gAre you allowed to get out of the city?h
gItfs okay. I have been called for long as a slacker.h
gThen you can meet the big one.h
gIs it near here?h
gOutside Kankyuu. -- Donft worry, the big one always listen to my words.h

Kouya then lowered his voice.
gThe big one has been keeping his promise.h
Rokuta cocked his head, and finally remembered what the promise was : to not eat humans.

gReally? Wow, that is impressive.h
Rokuta was dumbfounded by the many things before him. A youma taking care of a human. The youma keeps its promise with the human... These are just unbelievable.

gLetfs go. Do you want to leave Kankyuu? I only know the way in though.h
Rokuta nodded.
gLeave it to me. I know Kankyuu like the back of my hand. Let me show you around.h


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