Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter Two~


At the time Rokuta returned to the palace, Itan and others have already left. Only Syouryuu was facing the desk.

gIs the bloody talk over?h
Rokuta asked. gYeah,h Syouryuu replied without taking his eyes off the table. What are you so enthusiastic about? Rokuta asked as he sneaked a look, and saw Taikou no Ten no Maki and a roll of paper got spread open on the table.

gOrdered by Syukou, I see. --Who is the master here, I wonder.h
gI agree.h
Syouryuu said as he folded his arms, and put a reflecting expression on his face.

Rokuta peered in, and saw the string of bighearted words that reflects how Syouryou is like.

-- First, the world should be ruled with payment bills on onefs side.
gHey, you old geezer!h
The famous first Heavenly Commandment stated that gthe world should be ruled with generosity on onefs side.h

gWhy must you make Syukou mad? Syukou will definitely hold grudges. Unlike simple and steadfast-minded people like Itan and Seisyou, that guy will put a smile that hides all his grudges, and shoot sarcastic remarks for hundreds of years to come!h
gSo what, as long as I can bear it? Throwing sarcasm to uninterested people only makes the sarcasm dull and unchallenging.h

gI feel pity for Syukou.h
gMaybe it is good to have the decision to copy everything appropriately, but I am pretty bad at thinking like that.h

g...Sometimes, I really think that you are the authentic Foolish Highness (jap. Baka-dono).h
gOh? Just sometimes?h
gYes. Usually I just think of you as a simple big fool (jap. Oo-boke-yaro).h

You brat, Syouryuu said as he threw a punch that merely misses Rokuta. Rokuta jumped on a big table in the room, and sat cross-legged with his back facing Syouryuu.

g--Will there be a civil war?h
gMost probably.h
g...Many people will die.h

Then came a faint laughter.
gIn the first place, things like a kingdom are built upon sucking its peoplefs blood as taxes. To tell the truth, it is for the peoplefs sake that things like a kingdom donft exist. However, it is the ability of able officials to act as if he doesnft know the truth.h

gWhat an unbelievable emperor!h


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