Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter One~


gYou donft like it?h
gDefinitely not.h

Itan stared resentfully at the discouraged Seisyou.
gYour name is already good. Mine is Tyoutotsu!h

There is no bigger honor than being granted another name directly from the emperor. However, this is no blessing if the honored name is Tyototsu, Suikyou or Mubou. By the way, Syouryuu granted the name Baka (lit. idiot/horse and deer) to Rokuta the kirin Saihou. The name is great for such a living thing with an appearance between a horse and a deer, Syouryou claimed joyfully. However, no one in this world will accept such a name.

How true, Itan said with a disgusted look.
gThe word efickle and frivolousf is to describe him!h

gYes, yes.h

This time, three people turned back in unison.
gTaihou is also guilty!h

Rokuta, who clapped his hands as if he had no responsibility for this, suddenly sensed cold glances throwing onto him, and shrugged his shoulders.
gI didnft do such things as gambling like him!h

gThen I would like to hear where my dear sir had been during your absence from administrative meetings.h

When pressed by Syukou, Rokuta gave an amiable smile.
g... on inspection. To investigate how the kingdom is reviving, something like that.h
gThen, may I know the results?h

gServes you right for betraying your master.h
Rokuta, upon hearing that, turned to look at the emperor.
gArenft these all because of you fooling around? Even I was complained. Thatfs no joke!h
gHey didnft you skip your duties as well?h
gI didnft reach your level!h
gDo you know what it means by ethe difference between fifty steps and a hundred stepsf? *h
gDoesnft that mean even though they are similar, there are still fifty steps of difference?h

*ethe difference between fifty steps and a hundred stepsf(܏\S)
Two people escape from a scene, one taking one hundred steps and the other taking fifty steps. Even though they differ by fifty steps, both of them are still escapees. The analogy means that even though two actions are different in degree or level, they are the same in nature.

Bang, Syukou slammed on the table.
gPlease listen to me seriously for a little while!h

Okay, Syouryuu said as he raised a hand.
gI have reflected on my actions. I will not skip government duties. Is that enough?h

gIs you majesty sincere in saying so?h

gThe West seems to have a burning smell right now. I will just sit still on my throne for a while to keep it warm.h

The four looked at Syouryuu in unison.
g... the Westh

Syouryuu laughed.
gItfs Gen Province. It finally springs into action.h


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