Higashi no Wadatsumi, Nishi no Soukai
<The Sea God in the East, the Vast Sea in the West>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 1994


~ Chapter One~


gItfs that eWe canft do a thingf talk again? That idiot just needs to do something!h

gDonft tell that to me.h

gSeisyou() is the one to blame. He is the closest to the emperor, so just catch the emperor by the neck and tie him down to the throne.h

Syukou looked at Itan, who used abusive language to the emperorfs bodyguard, with a little shock.
gDoes that annoy you that much?h

gDonft you feel mad as well? We are described as the evil subordinate that incites the emperor to play! For example, being homosexual (z̒, Ryuuyou no Tyou)...h

gThat is really tiring.h

gYou idiot! They are saying that to you!h

Syukou smiled, and lowered his voice.
gJust leave those who wagged their tongues alone. It is about time your majesty thinks about how to reorganize the officials.h

Itan stopped midway from climbing the stone stairs.

gThe government affairs have all settled down, and the correct direction to go has already been set. The road is paved. Now it is just to let the carriers to go through. Up till now, there is no chance to reorganize the officials, but it seemed that the opportunity to change the provincial lords and other officials has finally come.h

The current provincial lords and other officials were assigned by Kyou-ou. It might be a good idea to replace all officials with new ones when the new emperor was enthroned. However, this would take a lot of time, so instead all officials were left intact. As for the provincial lords, only their real power were restricted, and bokuhaku (q) were assigned to each province for supervision. In the case of officials, only the emperorfs assistants were chosen with great care and comparison. However, those who sought an easy life through flattering Kyou-ou and joined hands to abuse the people could not be left unattended.

gThe government is now out of control. Those who didnft get fired or rested on high positions were so scared that they were definitely plotting something in secret again. God knows where and how they will pull our legs. So for now it would be better to just keep our criticism down.h

g...twenty years. We have done a good job defending. Those evildoersf also have changed their hearts more or less.h

gThatfs not true. That is only because there is no money for them to scrape from the government chamber even if they want to. However, there are more unusual movements among the officials recently.h

gThose who hid themselves underground in winter will most probably spring up to action when the season ends.h

Itan looked at the surrounding buildings.
gThat was a long winter, but...h


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