Tasogare no Kishi, Akatsuki no Sora
<The Shore in Twilight, the Sky in Daybreak>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


~ Chapter Three ~


The next day, Gantyou () gave a roaring laugh after listening to Risai.
"There are guys out there who can think of all sort of things, I am sure!"
"I guess -- those who habor malice see malice in everyone else."
Asen (I) said and gave a bitter smile. Gashin (M) sighed.
"Why isn't my name in the list though? I am so disappointed; people regarded me so small, they don't think I would be envious of Mister Gyousou (邏@)..."

Risai () laughed lightly. The anxiety Risai felt while talking to Kaei (ԉe) last night suddenly sounded so remote and unlikely after looking at their light response.

"You are in fact small, so don't blame others."
"Hey, that's so mean!"

Gashin laughed, but Risai regarded him highly as a genius at strategy. He was the toughest opponent during combat matches of Imperial Army trainings. If Gantyou and Sougen () fights a battle solid and proper, Gashin fights with ingenious plans and strategy. His movements are hard to read, and no time can be spent careless in front of him. In this way Gashin is the same as Eisyou (p), but comparing to Eisyou's slyness, Ganshin's tricks have an inexplicable brilliance.

"Hey, if you must pick one to doubt, isn't it Eisyou that is the most suspicious? I always find it hard to believe this guy would not kill Mister Gyousou in his sleep."
Gantyou's comments is seconded by Gashin's nod.

"Exactly. The bigger mystery is why Eisyou and Seirai () can be together?"
"According to Eisyou one time, Seirai has nothing in him worth mentioning, so Eisyou feels not an ounce of guilt to kick his butt."
Risai interceded with a laugh.
"Seirai had similar comments as well. Eisyou's inside is as dark as pitch all the way down, so Seirai enjoys in that he does not need to fret on which side Eisyou is at."
"... Oh that's it? Why, they are actually made for each other!"

All right, all right, Asen stopped the conversation as he struggled to stifle his laughs.
"We still need to be careful. The fact is, it is too much an effort for Tetsui in Bun Province."

Gantyou swiftly withdrew his laughs and nodded. Asen was not a subordinate of Gyousou, but he still had a position in the hart of Gantyou and others. Risai once had combat matches with him during new recruits' training. Clever and responsive strategies -- that's how Asen combats. Risai had never combatted against Gyousou, but from what she had heard, Gyousou and Asen were the same type of generals. There is a reason why they were called the two pillars.

Gantyou folded his truck-like arms.
"... Anyway it might be a good idea to investigate on those who have a good relationship with Bun Province."
"We should let Mister Gyousou know of this. Let's send a blue bird message to him."


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