Tasogare no Kishi, Akatsuki no Sora
<The Shore in Twilight, the Sky in Daybreak>

Copyright Fuyumi Ono, Koudansya, 2001


~ Chapter Two ~


Kaei lowered her head.
" Nevertheless, his majesty noticed..."
" That is exactly the point I would like to bring up. That is what it means by a difference in content, I believe. My thinking would never reach that far, or would never be enough -- both sentences are not accurate. If there were a clue on which I could reflect, I might be able to understand as well. However, I failed to spot such a clue."

Risai said, and nodded to herself.
" Therefore, I believe that must be the case when I cannot see his majesty's intentions. His majesty has spotted something I fail to see, and so comes his firm belief. I would voice my opinion when I feel a clear doubt or an obvious mistake. If I sense no particular doubt or error -- just that I don't understand fully, I will accept, using the idea aforesaid. I will probably say, 'I see, that's why' when the result comes."

I see, Kaei nodded uncertainly, and looked at Risai anxiously again.
" Then do you think the same towards Taiho?"
-- She hit a sore spot, Risai thought.
" That..."

" I understand that if the mess from now on reached Taiho's ears, it would only pain his heart. However, sending Taiho out of the kingdom on such ground is nothing but high-handed policy. What if Taiho knows that we conduct this cleanup when he is not around? It will not only be that the cleanup would pain his heart. He is useless in such a time, and is deprived of even the ground to express his appeal for mercy or care. Would that not hurt Taiho even more?"

Risai fell into silence. -- Considering Taiki's personality, he would definitely blame himself for being unable to do a thing, Risai felt. At the same time, if he noticed that he was driven out of the kingdom in order to avoid his self-reprimand, would that not hurt Taiki even more?

" In my point of view, my majesty is claiming he knows Taiho's feelings, while actually neglecting Taiho's feelings with such a choice... I cannot but regard his majesty's action in this way..."
" Kaei"
Kaei smiled sorrowfully.

"... In the end, I voice out such opposition... I see it this way. His majesty is only pushing his policies high-handedly, while being carried around by his faithful subordinates. He is neglecting many things, just like how he neglects Taihofs feelings..."


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