February 19, 2006

Part 13 (12 Kingdoms)

Chapter 49

For eshaku (会釈), meaning a greeting or salutation, Ono uses the kanji for folding your arms (拱手).

麦州産県支錦 [ばくしゅうさんけんしきん] Baku Province, San County, Shikin [City]

老松 [ろうしょう] Roushou, lit. "old pine"
乙悦 [おつえつ] Otsu Etsu
松伯 [しょうはく] Shouhaku, or Count Shou
仙伯 [せんぱく] Senpaku, a self-made wizard who is an earl or count
蕃生労 [はんせいろう] Hansei Rou

Chapter 50

馬面 [ばめん] bamen, lit. "horse face"; a fortification projecting outward from a castle wall or ramparts. After the deployment of heavy siege cannon, bastions were constructed as large, defensive earthworks.

Merlons along a parapet wall.

chapter 14

飛仙 [ひせん] hisen, lit. "flying wizard" or wizard of the air
地仙 [ちせん] chisen, lit. "earth wizard" or wizard of the earth

# posted by Anonymous
Typo spotted on page 115:
From within the throngs, and old man turned to her and held up his hand.

should be "an old man".

2/19/2006 8:55 AM

# posted by Eugene
Fixed it. Thanks.

2/19/2006 1:34 PM

# posted by Retrooo
if you watch chinese historical or martial arts media (tv, movies, etc.), you'll inevitably see them 拱手. it's when one cups their right fist in their left hand (thumbs facing the person to whom they belong) and holds it in front of them in greeting. people say that it's symbolic of one covering up their weapon hand as a way to say, "hey, i'm not going to stab you."

2/19/2006 2:08 PM