Categories are update frequency, with "completed" near the bottom.
Legend: numbers giving a rough rank (1 is best, 4 is close to being dropped, multiple numbers indicate change in quality, first number older); (gag) for a daily gag as opposed to ongoing plot/drama; MO for mouseover text (extra joke or comment) present.

Daily. Man, most of these start with S for some reason.

  • 2,MO Dumbing of Age -- Willis reboots his characters for life at IU.
  • 2 Roomies/It's Walky -- Willis's original college and aliens
  • 1,MO Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (gag) modern Far Side, kind of. Big red button provides extra joke.
  • 2 Scary Go Round/Bad Machinery (British eclectic)
  • 1,2 Schlock Mercenary -- Genre: space opera with silly bits and good follow-through with consequences; it's actually quite well built. Starting to feel kind of rambly, though.
  • 3 Skin Horse (not Sun) -- civil service for non-human sapients
  • 2 Something Positive -- Genre: black humor
  • 4 Unshelved -- librarians, (gag)

    Weekdays, or close

  • 3,MO Girls with Slingshots Genre: Friends-like, maybe? (now in rerun)
  • 2 Questionable Content -- Post-Singularity coffeeshop hipsters
  • 2,3 Sluggy Freelance -- classic long-running webcomic. Genre: Eclectic. Quality goes up and down but above all it just keeps on going, arrgh. Weekend filler art.

    MWF. Most of the really good ones, hmm.

  • MO d20 Monkey -- gaming group and jokes
  • 1 Freefall -- hard SF with silly bits. Uplifted wolf and robots and stuff.
  • 1,2 Girl Genius -- Genre: "gaslamp fantasy", or steampunk. Mad Science works, and Rules The World... badly. Foglio. Downgraded for pacing.
  • 3 MO Guilded Age -- T. Campbell from Penny and Aggie. Uh, sort of life inside a fantasy game?
  • 1 Gunnerkrigg Court (mad science and magic school mix)
  • 2 Rain -- high school transsexual (temp W&F)
  • 2 Star Power -- cosmic superhero
  • 1,MO XKCD (nerd jokes) (gag)

    MWF but will read on TRSa to space things out.

  • 4 Menage a 3 (T/R/Sat) -- sexy roommate comedy, sometimes NSFW

    Or TRSu!

  • Agents of the Realm -- college age magical girls of color. Too new to rate. Actual -/R/Su

    Lower Freq. Organized by update days before alphabet.

  • Alice Grove (M/R) Weird SF by Jeph Jacques
  • 3 Eerie Cuties (M/W) School for 'monsters'
  • 1,MO A Girl and her Fed (M/R) -- SF/F, slightly X-Filesish
  • 1 Kiwi Blitz (M) -- kids with robots; Mary Cagle
  • 2 Sandra and Woo (M/R) -- girl and talking raccoon. Same team as Gaia.

  • 1 XKCD what-if (T)
  • 2,3 Jesus and Mo (T/R) -- sacrilege. Sometimes even funny. (gag)
  • 2 Sleepless Domain (T/R) -- magical girls; Mary Cagle
  • 2 Gaia (T/F) -- fantasy
  • 2,MO Strong Female Protagonist (T/F) -- superheroes, kinda. Mega-girl tries to figure how to save the world without punching things in the face.
  • Young Protectors (Wed/Sat?) Sort of yaoi superhero?

  • 3,4 Strange Candy (R), sort of an anime Sluggy Freelance, lots of references/homages in a world-jumping plot
  • 4,MO Does not play well with others (R?) -- "gag a day" by Michael Poe of Errant Story and Exploitation Now, growing storylines
  • 3,4, Monster of the Week -- (F) X-Files recap. Shaenon Garrity, of Narbonic and Skin Horse.
  • 1,MO Oglaf (Sun) fantasy jokes, often sexual, NSFW. Also there's both mouseover *and* alt-text you can only find in "Inspect Element".

    Irregular in practice if not in in theory, moved to RSS. Overlaps with the Frozen category.

  • 3 Candi Comics (MT RF) -- college relationships + mad science!
  • 2 City of Reality -- optimism! I like utopias.
  • 1 Dresden Codak -- random, transhumanist
  • 1 El Goonish Shive (M/W/F maybe, I RSS it anyway) -- magic high school slice of life transformations. Starts off slow/rough/silly, but by the end of the first Sister arc you can see where it's going. Also has an NP secondary strip, which is sometimes canon.
  • 1 Erfworld -- "gameworld is real"
  • 4 Goblins -- life as viewed by D&D goblins. Gory.
  • 2 JL8 -- 8 year old DC heroes
  • 1 Order of the Stick -- DandD stick figures, with good characters and plot
  • 2 Let's Speak English -- Mary Cagle's adventures as an English teacher in Japan
  • 1 Scandinavia and the World, Scandinavia fun (gag)

    Finished, as in the author told their story and walked away. Sometimes unranked because I don't remember.

  • 3 1/0 Self-referential no-fourth wall up the wazoo. Better than that sounds.
  • Between Two Worlds -- Finnish modern fantasy
  • Boschen and Nesuko -- SF, NSFW
  • 1 Buck Godot. Foglio SF.
  • 2 Casey and Andy. Mad scientists and Satan. (part gag)
  • 2 Cheshire Crossing -- Alice, Dorothy, Wendy. Unlike Alan Moore, fantasy and no sex.
  • 3 Cool Cat Studio. Gisele. Artists and aliens.
  • 2 Corner Alley 13. Suddenly dwarves! And faeries! And elves! Emily Ryan.
  • 1 Digger. Serious story, but also hilarious. Highly recommended by many people.
  • 2 DM of the Rings -- LotR as a DandD campaign.
  • Dreamless (actually you seem to have to buy the book for the ending)
  • 1 Errant Story -- Genre: High fantasy. Elves, magic, urbanism.
  • Exploitation Now -- from the maker of Errant Story.
  • 2 Get Medieval, or image directory. 'Alien' humans stranded on medieval Earth.
  • 3,MO Girls with Slingshots Genre: Friends-like, maybe?
  • 2 Inverloch -- standard fantasy. Sarah Ellerton. *Really pretty*
  • 3 It's Walky. Old archive.
  • 3 Magick Chicks (T/F) Gisele Lagace. Eerie Cutie spinoff. School for magical/esper girls.
  • 3 Minus -- girl who is god (gag)
  • 1 Miracle of Science -- mad scientists, SF style.
  • 1 MYTHAdventures. Foglio/Asprin
  • 1 Narbonic -- evil mad scientists
  • 1 Phoenix Requiem -- "Victorian" fantasy. Sarah Ellerton.
  • 3 Red String (M/W) -- shoujo, arranged marriage problems
  • Rice Boy -- surreal
  • 2 The Ten Doctors -- Doctor Who self-crossover
  • 2 Penny and Aggie -- Genre: high school relationships, sarcasm
  • 2 Princess Princess -- princess rescues princess. Short.
  • 3,MO Shortpacked -- toy store, comics
  • 3 Starslip Crisis curatorial space opera
  • 2 Treading Ground, NSFW. "white trash"
  • 2 What's New With Phil and Dixie (D&D gaming) (gag)
  • 2 Yu+Me. Part 1 is teen lesbian romance. Part 2 is... different. Especially artistically.

    Frozen, the author has vanished or given up

  • 2 Desert Rocks -- fantasy/anthropology? From the maker of Between Two Worlds.
  • 4 Escape from Terra. Libertarian belt miners vs. the United World. Proving how idealized space-libertarianism is superior to a completely asshat government. Apparently wasn't making enough money, so frozen.
  • 1 Finder -- "aboriginal SF". Now mostly just a print comic, apparently. Moved to here. Author is still alive but it's not a webcomic any more.
  • 2 Ghastly's Ghastly Comic -- NSFW (gag). Sex.
  • 4 God Hates Astronauts -- weird violent superhero
  • 3 Iothera -- Midlands failed, Heliothaumic failed, now this exists from RMG. A reboot of The Midlands. Come for the characters and worldbuilding, leave because the author gives up on his plot tangles. Often NSFW. Creative but frustrating.
  • 1 Keychain of Creation -- Exalted (M/F).
  • 3,4 Mindmistress -- SF
  • 3 Nanoha outtakes (gag) Plus one last one. Probably pointless if you haven't seen Nanoha StrikerS.
  • 2 Outrim -- SF comic, with uplifted animals, more expendable crew for the hazards of space.
  • 3 QUILTBAG -- Penny and Aggie 'sequel', two side characters in college and GBLT issues
  • 3 Sailor Ranko
  • 2 Sexy Losers -- NSFW (gag)
  • 1 The Pain -- (Wed?) weekly political/weird. (gag)
  • 2 Tsunami Channel. Anime tropes.

    Purged (no longer read). Ranking, well, I stopped reading them. Sometimes out of dislike or boredom, sometimes because of an irregular update schedule or hiatus that I didn't care enough to do anything about. (And on checking, many of them have gone into limbo anyway.)

  • Agents of Yu-Shan (T/R) Exalted, Keychain-like
  • Cold Iron Badge (M) Cops vs. fairies
  • Darths and Droids -- (T/R/Su for real!) Star Wars screencap comic, inspired by DM of the Rings. (Prequels were funnier than doing the origianl series, IMO)
  • Dreadful (T/F) Dreadful -- magical wild west?
  • 4 Dungeons and Denizens (T/R) -- dungeon from the monsters' side.
  • 2,5 Filibuster Cartoons -- Canadian editorial (gag) -- used to be funny and somewhat insightful, turned into a mean-spirited bloviating blog
  • 4 Flipside -- fantasy (purged due to.)
  • 4 Go Get a Roomie yuri, NSFW
  • Haru-sari
  • Nahast -- fantasy/cultural?
  • 3 No Rest For the Wicked -- faerie tales
  • 4 PhD -- grad student humor
  • 4 Punch and Pie -- relationship/life
  • 4 Sandra on the Rocks (T/F) Ma3 spinoff
  • 2,4 Sinfest (mostly gag) Was odd to categorize. Increasingly pseudo-feminist brain eater, like the anti-Dave Sim.
  • Socks. By author of Minus, about a ghost.
  • 3,4 Spinnerette -- superhero ( purged )
  • SPQR Blues -- Romans
  • Sore Thumbs -- a conservative Christian runs a video game store
  • 4 Sticky Dilly Buns (T/F) Gisele Lagace. Silly ecchi antics.
  • WTF. Everquest comic.
  • 4 Vampire Cheerleaders
  • Vampires Suck (M) oWoD vampires
    Back to me.